Pro Tech Bagger


This is the most versatile, cost effective portable machine in North America for filling bags with sand, stone, soil, mulch, pellets, compost, salt, and sawdust. If it needs to be in a bag this machine can do it. The Pro Tech bagger can fill 400 bags 16” x 30” in an hour and fill a 1 yard tote bag in less than one minute. The 2011 price on this unit can not be beat. We do offer additions to the machine so call or email with any questions.

Pro Tech Bagger Video: small bags
Pro Tech Bagger Video: 1 yard bags


Approximately 8 years ago we were approached by a client who was interested in having us develop and design a machine for him for bagging the materials in his landscape yard/depot. Immediately we saw the potential in designing the bagger with intent to manufacture this machine. We started right away with research and producing drawings for fabrication of the prototype. Many problems were faced to get the machine to be able to bag the wide variety of materials in a standard landscape supply depot. Materials such as: Sand, Gravel, Washed Stone, River Rock, Top Soil, Triple Mix, Mulch and Ice melting salt. All obstacles over come with the unique shape of the hopper and inner workings of the machine. One month after the first meeting the proto-type was complete and delivered for its first testing. We were successful in the first attempt and all materials in the yard were being put in bags at an amazing fast speed and with much less labor than previous methods.

The System

The machine consists of a standard 2 1/2 yard gravity hopper constructed from 10 gauge steel and 4 x 4 square steel tube frame and a cladded belt system to move the product to the bag filling spout. There is a plate in the front to set the bag on while filling which is adjustable in height for 2, 3, and 4 cubic foot bags. Empty the machine weighs 2000 lbs and has forklift pockets for very easy move-a-bility through the yard. The most common machine has a 11 horse power Honda gas engine powering a hydraulic system which has a flow control valve to adjust belt speed and a foot pedal to operate the belt. The less common electric system for clients who want to work indoors has a 5 horse 220 volt single phase powered motor running the same hydraulic system as the 9 horse gas engine.


The Pro Tech Bagger is capable of filling 2, 3, and 4 cubic foot bags and one yard bulk bags. With 2 operators the machine can bag 200 bags 3 cubic feet in size in an hour. Again with 2 operators the machine can bag 15 or more of the one yard bags per hour with any of the materials listed above.


Please call for base model pricing on both hydraulic and electric models. The Pro tech bagger comes with a 1 year parts and labor Warranty. We are capable of adding any conveying equipment bag sealing equipment, or weighing systems required at an additional cost depending on what's required.


The Pro Tech Bagger

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